Everything you need to plan out the details of your custom flip book booth can be found here. Now, let's get started on designing your flip book booth!


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We may need to contact them when we arrive if we have questions regarding set up. It is best if this person will be on site when we arrive for set up.
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It is best to close at least 30 minutes before your event ends so we can finish putting books together.
Typically we have the booth set up about 30 minutes before booth start time. If you would like the booth set up more than 30 minutes before set up time we will have to charge for idle hours at $50 per hour.
Idle Hour Scenarios: Scenario #1: You would like the booth set up more than an hour before start time. Scenario #2: You would like us to open for cocktail hour then close for dinner then reopen after dinner (so as not to waste active time during dinner) If you would like to add idle hours please include the time you would like the booth to be idle for. If you do not want to add idle hours please leave this area blank.
If it is someone other than yourself or contact in charge of your event.
If we are outside natural elements can cause issues. It is best if we are in a shaded area blocked from the wind. Being in Direct sunlight can affect the quality of the photos or can make our equipment fault. Strong winds can cause equipment to fall over/ fly away. We also require that a power source consisting of one outlet dedicated to only our booth be provided. Sharing an outlet whether it be with lights or other equipment may cause a power outage and thus damage our equipment. We bring extension cords but anything over 25ft would need to be provided. If any of these items are not followed we can not guarantee the quality of our photos or that equipment will function properly for your event. Please initial here to show that you understand.
Please allow a minimum of 10x10 feet for our booth.
You can view our backdrop options here: http://www.theplatinumphotobooth.com/backdropcollection/ Due to limited availability please make 3 back drop choices in the order of preference. If you would rather we choose based on your theme please enter "you choose"
Additional copies of each book Custom Props Additional hours etc.